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At Equinox we assess the eligibility of activities, prepare technical reports and related tax schedules and defend submissions to assist our clients in the filing of their R&D tax relief claims. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction by obtaining the maximum entitlement under the programme and reducing their risk, by preparing claims that meet the programme criteria.

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For most companies R&D and professional services are the most costly expenditures.


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R&D Tax Credits

Equinox has the experience that will ensure you maximise your claim without any risk, we Guarantee It!

Professional Services

The cost of professional services can overwhelm any growing company. Equinox provides flexible and cost saving alternatives.

The Research and Development Tax Relief incentive program was developed to encourage innovation in the UK by providing tax incentives for those corporations who are actively involved in R&D over a wide range of disciplines. This extensive program was initiated on the premise that R&D is a key factor supporting strong and stable growth. UK innovation increases its global competitiveness where economically advanced and emerging countries further emphasize knowledge driven industries.  Further investment in R&D will ensure the UK continues to develop world class products and services on a global scale.

Equinox is focused on helping technology companies maximise R&D tax credits while also providing the most efficient and flexible Technical, Accounting and Legal services to promote growth for all Small to Medium Enterprises.

Equinox is composed of industry leading technology professionals who have been involved in multi-disciplinary activities over the past 20 years. We specialize in R&D Tax Relief and Tax Credits helping technology related organisations, from startup level to multinational, realise efficiencies to ultimately help them be more profitable. We are dedicated to helping you save money and to facilitate growth.

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